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"Technological revolution is inevitable" The evolution of World Wide Web is associated with the continuous development of the power of computing. Starting with Web 1.0, when page contents are purely read-only and do not allow for interactivity. With the emergence of Web 2.0, the globe has become one when individuals can speak with one another on a linked network surface known as a Social Network. With the help of the internet's ubiquity, the centralized platform allows end-to-end contact to become more widespread. After that, the appearance of Web 3.0 has become a disruptor. Sir Tim Berners-Lee cited that "No permission is needed from a central authority to post anything on the web, there is no central controlling node, and so no single point of failure…and no “kill switch”! This also implies freedom from indiscriminate censorship and surveillance". All "node" factors in Web 3.0 would be decentralized, permissionless, transparent, and rich-interactive.

Blockchain is a practical Web 3.0 formed application. With unique aspects of its operation, the innovation in Blockchain puzzles can be wide-ranging, focusing on specific sectors where it will benefit the most. We believe that the crypto movement will have a significant impact on how the underlying infrastructure transforms and how decentralized systems can leverage traditional finance systems and sovereign currencies to a new level, which is now known as Decentralized Finance or Defi.

Ultimately, we envision a "future of the web" and a "future of money" that will replace the barrier of centralized things to empower the increasing inflow of builders and manufacturers.

What is Black Mamba Ventures for?

Black Mamba Ventures is a pioneering independent fund to helps startups and projects to boost their's ideas and make them happen with our community-driven foundation. The world is getting flatter; everyone has an equal opportunity to make breakthrough changes. Black Mamba Ventures wishes to be the factor to bring that change to the world with you.


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